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This is why there are many out there who know how to do event planning and who are ready to help you whenever you are willing. Are you looking to plan a fun event?

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Then look out for who can plan it for you and get the ball rolling. This is the best way to approach setting up any sort of event, no matter what the occasion might be.

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There are a lot of moving parts and you can get someone great to plan it for you to make sure that everything is going to be perfect.

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Children often occupy a sizeable portion of the guestlist for most wedding events. Depending on the children’s age, their presence might create many unforeseen problems and distractions during the ceremony. Nonetheless, you can make special arrangements for the kids so that the event runs smoothly, without any interruptions. Below are some exciting ways how to make your wedding event kid-friendly

Fun favors

A great way of making the wedding more enjoyable for the kids is by providing gifts they can appreciate. You can set up candy shop treat tables, whereby your guests can fill up boxes, jars, or bags with favorites (such as sour worms, lollipops, peanut butter cups, jelly beans, etc.) for the children.

Getting started
Getting started on event planning


If you cannot find additional space for the kids, you can still keep them busy or distracted by entertaining them in the main event area.


Consider hiring a clown, balloon artist, caricaturist to entertain the kids at a designated corner of the reception room.


Secure a nursery and prepare for the possibility of crying children. As guests arrive, a nanny can inform parents about the cry room if they need it. But note that it is not your responsibility to avail childcare for the kids, so do not feel obligated to do it.

Nature walks


Nature walks are ideal for outdoor weddings. Take the kids for a tour of the grounds, and they will most certainly welcome the idea of running and stretching their legs. If there are birds at the venue, avail seeds and cereals and let the kids feed them. Get a photographer to accompany the kids so that you can capture all the fun moments.


Though making your wedding kid-friendly will require some extra planning, it is the only way you can keep the kids entertained and amused as the wedding ceremony goes on. By so doing, the event can run as planned without any child-related trouble.

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